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2017 Spring Report

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Spring 2017 Report from the North Main Association

We are happy to report that the North I90 Interchange project is well ahead of schedule and the new interchange is slated to be operational this coming October. Moyle Petroleum (Common Cents) has purchased property near the new interchange. Earthwork has already begun at the construction site and plans are to have the new facility open in October when the interchange opens.

As you’re aware, the events underway in North Sheridan are the culmination of a great deal of hard work and community involvement – enabled by the tireless efforts of a great many people. The North Main Association’s early charter was bringing the community together to plan these efforts, and it has paid off. The work being done now will help in revitalizing North Sheridan and will provide a boost to our local economy at a time when it’s most needed. We believe this project will serve as a catalyst to stimulate opportunity or new development in the business residential and recreational sectors in the North Main Area.

Over the coming months and years our board will remain actively engaged in this expansive project.  The NMA was the vehicle that brought our community together to plan and design what is now taking shape. The process was extensive and involved regular community meetings, planning sessions, and input from all in the area who wished to have a voice. The NMA will begin bringing folks together again to provide updates and information about the work coming up.

In cooperation with the City of Sheridan we are seeking federal funding to continue the First People’s Pow Wow held during rodeo week. We are striving to see the event grow into an annual Native American event similar to All American Indian Days which played an important part in Sheridan’s history for many years.

We will be hosting the Wild West Swap Meets on May 27th, June 17th, July 15th, August 12th and September 9th at the historic Sheridan Livestock Auction property on Higby Road. Artisans, food vendors, collectors and dealers will be able to rent booth space and peddle their wares.   For information on booth rental space go to www.wildwestswap.com

We are adding 45 new flower baskets to be hung on North Main and continue to raise funds to acquire more so that baskets will adorn all of North Main once the construction is complete and the lamp posts and hangers are in place. Member dues also help us make this endeavor possible.

Last year the North Main Association took possession of the last of Sheridan’s historic trolley cars. We are researching various grant and fundraising opportunities to refurbish this treasured piece of Sheridan’s history so that it can one day be proudly displayed for all to see. Also, fundraising for the old trolley car will be occurring during the Wild West Swap Meets as the trolley is stored there on site.
NMA represents a mutual commitment to our community – from both the City of Sheridan and the citizens and business our organization represents. It remains our common dedication to seeing North Main revitalized and returning the area to its once thriving splendor as the gateway to our community.

We are grateful to our members and appreciate your continued support. Sincerely,

Cinder Destefano, Executive Director
On behalf of The North Main Association

Ryan Mulholland, President
Nancy Drummond, Vice President, Secretary Nancy Silla, Treasurer
Curtiss Johnson, Director Dave Kinskey, Director Kathy Arnold, Director Bob Utter, Director

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