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Drummond New North Main Association Executive Director

Photo by Pat Blair

Nancy Drummond will take over duties in January as the new executive director of Sheridan’s North Main Association.

Drummond said she’ll retire as service coordinator of Heritage Towers on New Year’s Eve, then she’ll be free to assume her new responsibilities.

She said she’ll also be working with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and working to make sure that amenities currently part of the downtown Sheridan area are also extended into the North Main area.

She said North Main is an extension of downtown Sheridan, and the goal is to make it as attractive as Sheridan’s downtown.

Drummond said the previous executive director left to take a job with Sheridan County School District 2, and the North Main Association board of directors advertised for someone to replace her. She said last month, when the board was looking at applicants for the position, one of the board members asked Drummond to take the job.

Drummond said she and another individual were instrumental in starting the North Main Association in 2009, and they’ve been on the board from the beginning.

Drummond has lived in Sheridan since 1984 and has served on both the Sheridan city council and the board of Sheridan County School District 2. She’s currently a member of the city’s board of adjustments.


By Pat Blair on Sat 10/13/2018 05:30am Sheridan Media

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