The North Main Master Plan is a neighborhood-scale effort to spur revitalization of the entire North Main District.  The City of Sheridan helped organize this process and provided resources, but the plan was developed by area residents and business owners.

Please look through the plan–our community’s vision for the future.


GOAL 01 – Vibrant Neighborhoods & Businesses – Increase housing options – Establish predictability for residents and property owners regarding the status of land uses within neighborhoods and business areas – Stabilize and enhance existing neighborhoods

GOAL 02 – Welcoming & Connected Green Space – Extend the trail system along Goose Creek to improve connections between North Main and the rest of the city – Improve connections between neighborhoods, parks & open space areas

GOAL 03 – Unique and Identifiable Image – Clearly identify North Main gateways – Establish a standard of high quality design for new buildings and parking

GOAL 04 – Enhanced Transportation Network – Improve auto, pedestrian & bike access – Create a safe and attractive pedestrian area along Main Street and its corridors

GOAL 05 – Strong Retail/Mixed-Use Core – Retain existing & attract new businesses – Strengthen linkages between North Main, downtown & activity centers