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North Main Association suggests master plan

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Ashleigh Fox | The Sheridan Press Construction crew members with Reiman Corp. work on the new interchange on North Main Street.

SHERIDAN — State Sen. Dave Kinskey, R-Sheridan, and members of the North Main Association suggested combining the scattered North Main development plans into one comprehensive and updated master plan before the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax and Capital Facilities Taxes go up for renewal in 2018.

“The One Cent and the Cap Tax play a very large role, not an exclusive role but a very large role, in funding many of these broad scale infrastructure projects,” Kinskey told Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller and city council members during a Monday study session.

“We felt it important we obtain, in a structured manner, the input of the community so that when we come back to ask for some of those things as part of those optional pennies that it truly represents as broad a consensus as we think we’re able to build and it doesn’t just represent the views of a few,” Kinskey said.

The North Main Association has a master plan from July 2009. Kinskey said some items listed as priorities in the old master plan have been completed while others remain untouched.

“A lot of these (items in previous master plans) have been ticked off, and we just think it’s time to get a more comprehensive look at it, ideally with a broader look at the community,” Kinskey said. “We just want to push forward what we think we can push forward and get others along, that’s great.”

Kinskey said he wants to focus heavily on creating a comprehensive and updated document that not only encompasses the 2012 entryway standards and guidelines, Wrench Ranch properties master plan and the East Fifth Street corner plan, but also the voice of the community.

He added that in addition to an updated plan, the board hopes to incorporate other visioning documents and try to come up with one source to avoid the need to look at five or six different plans depending on the project.

“…Then there’s the piece also of going out to the community and asking what do you like in what you’ve seen so far?” Kinskey continued. “Here’s a list of things that haven’t happened, do you still see those as a priority? What do you see as a priority now?”

Kinskey said while it does make sense to have something that goes from Wrench Ranch to the courthouse, the urgency of potential funding causes the group to consider only a North Main master plan at this point in time.

Sheridan City Councilor Jesus Rios said he was glad to hear about conversations regarding expanding the master plan scope from simply North Main to a larger segment of the community.

“I know we have a lot of planning documents and a lot of procedures in place, but I do think expanding that plan beyond just North Main or that planning document is important for the community as a whole,” Rios said.

Rios said he remains curious about plans to revitalize the North Main Street area moving forward, to which Kinskey responded with an emphasis on community input.

“To me, it’s not so much what Bob wants or Dave wants or Nancy wants, what’s critical here is the outreach to the community to see what they want,” Kinskey said.

“That’s the only way this works. If it’s just our agenda, we’re just done,” he added. “It’s really gotta be what we here from the community.”

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