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North Main has sound of vitality

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It’s been over a decade since the North Main Revitalization Initiative began.

It all began because many people in North Main, and throughout the community, saw that a once vital neighborhood had come to be less than that.

From those concerns, friends and neighbors and City Hall came together to champion a major effort to bring new vitality to this portion of town. Thus the North Main Association was formed by those neighbors and businesses in the area to advocate for and encourage these efforts. We organized neighborhood block parties with barbeques and asked amongst ourselves three questions: What do you like about your neighborhood? What do you not like about your neighborhood? What would you like to see your neighborhood become?

Those comments and ideas were carefully collected and crafted into the North Main Master Plan. That Plan can be found on the City of Sheridan website at https://goo.gl/mSRCCj

The first phase of this revitalization effort was accomplished in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the City of Sheridan when Main Street was rebuilt from First Street to Fort Road.

Not only were the utilities replaced and the street rebuilt, but we had an opportunity to participate in a design process which, in the wake of the project, gave us much of the beautification that has taken place in the heart of Sheridan’s downtown: trees, banners, antique street lights, benches, easements for future art sculptures and more.

Since then, we’ve seen a renewed pride of ownership with homes and businesses being spruced up. We’ve seen new businesses move in. We’ve seen young families once again purchase and occupy homes in our neighborhoods. The sound of children at play is the sound of life vitality — and the future.

Other good things have happened. The Wrench Ranch was annexed and the City built a business park and attracted Vacutech. Vacutech initially was three or four jobs relocated from Colorado, and now they’ve hired many local folks and employ over 120 and have further plans for expansion.

Ptolemy Data Systems Data Center is located at the Wrench Ranch. Sheridan College’s new indoor rodeo practice facility is out there and it also has the capability of being used for indoor events; we look forward to partnering with the College on some exciting things to come in the future.

McDonald’s recommitted to North Main and built an all new store. Our thanks and gratitude to the Storo family as well as the McDonald’s corporation. Studies show large numbers of visitors to North Main come off of the interstate for purposes of visiting McDonald’s. And, while here, we hope they enjoy all the other amenities our community has to offer.

Part of our vision for our community is to be a recreation district for the entire Sheridan area. That is being realized with the addition of a covered tennis facility in Thorne Rider Park, as well as an indoor baseball practice facility.

You’ve hopefully heard about the plans for the Doubleday Sports Complex which will be over forty acres of multipurpose fields located east of the new interchange. Currently the reconstruction of the interchange is underway. This is a much needed economic boost for the entire community. And the neighbors and businesses of North Main participated in a design to make it a grand entryway into a grand city.

As members of the Board of Directors of the North Main Association, you have our unflagging commitment to continue to enhance this part of the community. When one neighborhood does well, we all are the better for it.

Nancy Drummond, vice-president/secretary, North Main Association

Nancy Silla, treasurer, North Main Association

Nancy Silla grew up in the North Main neighborhood and continues to make her home there; Nancy Drummond and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for 30 years.

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