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Seeking Executive Director


The North Main Association (NMA) is seeking an individual to lead the organization.  The position is part time and reports to the Board of Directors.  The position will have overall responsibility of managing daily activities, and aligning those activities to accomplish NMA”s goals.

The role includes administrative and programmatic duties.  The successful candidate must have good interpersonal and communication skills and be comfortable/productive working with minimal supervision.  Strong writing skills are important.  Proficiency with spreadsheets and word processing functions are necessary.  Proficiency with Quick Books and social media are advantageous.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Board of Directors to develop and execute programs aligned with the organization’s mission and goals:
    • Facilitate development of a cohesive North Main Master Plan and promote its funding
    • Develop membership to maintain relevance in the community and to promote city/state funding for the Plan
    • Represent NMA and coordinate with other community organization and strategic partners
    • Engage and expand communication and fundraising efforts. Organize events including setting up, tending and tearing down
  • Handle all administrative duties:
    • Ensure the back office functions are properly completed; ensure the organization is in good legal standing and communications with partner organizations are robust
    • Prepare board packets for monthly Board meetings including income and expense statements
    • Prepare newsletters
    • Prepare guest opinion pieces for the newspaper

DEADLINE: September 10th

Visit www.northmainassociation.org for more information about the North Main Association.  Please contact execdirector@northmainassociation.org with any questions or to submit a letter of interest and resume.  Resumes can be dropped off at the Front Desk at ERA Carroll Realty 306 N Main St. 

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