Curtis Johnson
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Norther Lights Electric Company
Address: 2436 Higby Rd. Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-673-6532
Facebook: Facebook
Nancy Drummond
Bob & Margo Brotherton
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Rental Property and Managment
Address: PO Box 361 Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-751-3563
Kennon Products Joe Wright
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Kennon Products
Address: 2071 North Main Street Sheridan, WY
Phone Number: 307-674-6498
Facebook: Facebook

Kennon protects equipment from a variety of industries - expensive equipment with delicate surfaces, polished and painted finishes, or expensive metals and composites. Our products are used in a wide variety of settings, from transportation and storage, to being an integral part of operational systems.

Kennon protects high value assets. There are projects where Kennon helps protect the most valuable asset of all - humans. We work with and support OEMs, the Department of Defense, architects, engineers, and their clients. We are fully capable, reliable, and loyal collaborators.

Kennon is different from other coverings companies. Kennon’s team consists of material scientists, chemical, industrial, electrical, and mechanical engineers who solve challenging problems daily. Our capabilities are deep, and we are adept at finding better, more cost-effective solutions.

We're proud to say the foundation of our business is developing solid working relationships with those who share our passion in addressing the critical needs for protecting high value assets.

JK Fabrication Jim Kerr
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): JK Fabrication LLC Jim Kerr
Address: 13 Timm Street Sheridan WY
Phone Number: 307-752-2557
Bob Utter
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Concept Z Home & Property
Address: 251 S. Thurmond St. Sheridan WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-763-8875
Facebook: Facebook

As a longstanding member of the Sheridan community with over 35 years of business experience, Bob brings expert focus to commercial real estate.

Bob is a current candidate for the CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member), a recognized expert in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate.

Bob also serves on the board for the North Main Association.

Thrifty Foods
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Thrifty Foods
Address: 1415 N. Main, Suite A Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Phone Number: (307) 763-4142
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Thrifty Foods Bargain Market is a great place to pick up your every day essentials for the kitchen and pantry. Located at 1415 N. Main Thrifty Foods gives the community great prices and great options. North Main is fortunate to have such a great Bargain Market!

Mullinax Inc
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Mullinax
Address: 615 Fort RD. Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-674-4466

MULLINAX is a name that has been trusted on construction sites, on ranches and in the homes of Sheridan for 60 years. Quality of service and product has been the driving force to the success and trust felt from all their customers since Jack Mullinax opened the doors to Mullinax Concrete Service Co. in 1952, serving NE Wyoming.

John E. Rice & Sons
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Wrench Ranch
Address: 247 Decker Road
Phone Number: 307-672-5513

The Wrench Ranch Annexation extends the northern boundary of the City of Sheridan. The Vision of the Annexation includes the creation of a visually cohesive, integrated pattern of development that is both northern gateway to Sheridan, an extension of the city thoroughfare and an understandable northern terminus of the city. The Wrench Ranch Phase I Master Plan will create an identifiable retail shopping area, a clear and understandable boundary to the industrial area of the north end of Sheridan, and a healthy, mixed-use development including office, retail and residential development.

Ramaco Carbon

Ramaco Carbon is responsible for the world's first fully integrated carbon resource, research and development & production facility located here in Sheridan, Wyoming. This company is putting Wyoming ahead of the curve with their innovative projects that use coal to manufacture high value products.

No Name Bar
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): No Name Bar
Address: 901 N Main St, Sheridan
Phone Number: 307-763-8102
Facebook: Facebook

Owner, Tyler Bennett has been at the hot spot No Name Bar for a little over 2 years now. He has been in the bar business most of his adult life helping his mother who was a bar owner as well before becoming an owner himself. The No Name Bar is a great addition to North Main; providing a venue for new things and contributing to the expansion of Sheridan. Tyler has an entrepreneurial spirit and drive that is sure to create a spot that the “born and raised” and the “passing through” will always want to be a part of.

WY Carburetor
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Wyoming Carburetor & Tool
Website URL:
Address: 2075 N. Main - Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-672-7512

Wyoming Carburetor & Tool is a carburetor rebuilding and service business. We specialize in rebuilding and repairing only carburetors, with an accurate attention to detail and craftsmanship. Over 35+ years of carburetor rebuilding experience gives us a big edge on the competition. We have a very large database of hands-on knowledge and an extensive network to locate hard-to-find parts and components for vintage carburetors and classic vehicles. Our main goal is to achieve the utmost in quality and proper performance from all rebuilt carbs we work on.

We most always recommend rebuilding the customer’s OEM carburetor before replacement. This helps eliminate many problems and technical difficulties now and that may arise later when reinstalling the carburetor. We do have many popular rebuilt carburetors in stock and ready to go. Our entire carburetor cleaning and rebuilding operation is done in house, on the spot, and one at a time, to assure personal attention to quality.

The Nest and Window Works and More
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): The Nest & Window Works and More
Address: 1815 N Main St, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: (307) 672-5544
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SWCA Environmental
Address: 1892 South Sheridan Avenue Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-673-4303

Since 1981, SWCA has helped public and private clients overcome environmental challenges and move their projects forward. Our 100% employee-owned firm offers comprehensive environmental planning, regulatory compliance, and natural and cultural resources management services. We work together to understand the full life cycle of any project, from inception to completion.

In the face of rapid environmental, economic, and societal changes, our purpose is simple: to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today. We do that by offering a suite of environmental consulting services combined with local knowledge, regulatory expertise, and high-quality service. We build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients and guide their projects to successful completion.

With a nationwide presence, we're able to rapidly pool resources and respond to our clients' needs.

SCI Drilling
Trails End Motel and Firewater Smokehouse
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Trails End Motel and Firewater Smokehouse
Address: 2125 N Main St, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: (307) 672-2477

Co-owners and Operating partners Shane and Rebecca Ramirez have returned home to run the family business after spending 20 years between the two of them supporting and working for the U.S. Military and Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rebecca, with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, worked in Air Operations, HR and HSE. Rebecca and Shane's impeccable business skills and front of the house management lay the framework for a forward thinking, family oriented business. Shane worked as the Country Material Control Manager for the largest U.S. Contractor providing base life support to all our bases in Afghanistan. Now that they have come home to Sheridan, with their combined passions they are successfully on their way to making the Trails End a place dedicated to involving the community and welcoming travelers to our beautiful town. They have many great events planned to include First Fridays, which will have local musicians, vendors, food and activities for children, and the vision is one North Main is happy to support.

ERA Carroll Realty
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): ERA Carroll Realty Co
Address: 306 N. Main Street
Phone Number: 307-672-8911
Facebook: Facebook

The success of a company is evidenced by the people that work there. Carroll Realty's success is proven over and over again because of their dedicated sales and office staff, with over 30 licensed Realtors ®, 3 Property Managers, 4 office staff and a marketing specialist who look forward to helping you to find a place to call your home and insure a smooth closing.

ERA Carroll Realty owners, the Agents and Staff strongly believe in giving back through their public service, participation in community events and economic development endeavors, and supporting our local youth with donations, sponsorships and volunteerism. As a proud supporter of the Chamber of Commerce, we are honored to serve Sheridan County.

To take advantage of our real estate or property management services, stop by our office at 306 N. Main, or call 307-672-8911 or visit our mobile friendly website:

Address: 2571 N Main St Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: 307-673-0883
Facebook: Facebook

At EMIT, we work directly with you in order to meet the needs of your unique natural gas compression application, to create an unparalleled compression for your business.

Our duty has been fulfilled only when your needs are met and expectations exceeded. We design and manufacture compression and exhaust systems with hardworking and carefully-designed enunciators, engine control, compression control, catalytic conversion, nitrogen oxide reduction, and emissions components. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and results in a solution fit especially to your application’s needs.

EMIT is comprised of dedicated individuals committed to customer satisfaction and better solutions for the natural gas industry. Each of our team members brings to the company experience, talent, knowledge, and trust that allows us to produce equipment we are proud of. It’s our honor to see the difference we make within the industry, and to build equipment that our customers are proud of as well.

Our integrity is reflected in our dedication to deliver high quality, long term solutions that result in superior customer satisfaction. EMIT is unique in the natural gas compression market, as we are the only fully-integrated solutions OEM providing in-house design, engineering, fabrication, technical support, emissions testing, and application training.

El Tapatio Dos
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): El Tapatio Dos
Address: 1125 N Main St, Sheridan, Wyoming
Phone Number: (307) 673-0056
Facebook: Facebook

Authentic Mexican Food!
Dine-in or Take-out
Indoor and Outdoor Seating Available
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-3pm & 5pm-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-8pm

Cosner Construction
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Cosner Construction Company
Address: 543 N Main St, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: (307) 672-3507

543 N. Main St. Sheridan, WY 82801 | (307) 672-3507 |
Cosner Construction began in 1978 with Jim Cosner and founding owners Jon Seidell, Jan Allen, and Jeff Hampton along with the finest carpenters in Sheridan have been building unique , exceptional custom homes for Sheridan and the surrounding area. Beginning around 1995 the company has become an employee owned business that has proved to be timeless and trustworthy. Every project, every home, is truly impeccable work done by true professionals.

Common Cents Moyle Petroleum
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Common Cents Moyle Petroleum
Address: 3601 N Main St, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone Number: (307) 675-2095
Buggy Bath
Bramble Motel
Alpha Graphics
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Alpha Graphics
Address: 1235 N Main St Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Phone Number: (307) 674-6277

Matt and Nadine Gale

We've spent our entire careers building a family business, so we understand how to analyze a problem and just how important every solution is to a business.

Our family opened the first Sheridan commercial print shop in the 1930s. Now three generations later, printing still runs in the Gale family at AlphaGraphics Sheridan. Matt and Nadine Gale live up the take-pride-in-your-work and attention to detail that's the lifeblood of our family legacy. We know that even in a small town, business branding and high-quality marketing and printing matter. We pride ourselves on providing consistently high quality images to local businesses.

It's an honor to still be serving the same customers our grandparents worked with all those years ago. When we hear a customer say, "Your grandpa used to make my business cards," we can only hope our grandchildren will hear the same thing several generations down the road.

Kathy Arnold
Company (if registered as Company or Non Profit): Virtual Marketing 24/7
Address: 306 N Main Street
Phone Number: 307-751-3203
Facebook: Facebook

Our company launched in 2001, to help promote non-profit organizations and the Sheridan business community. WE LOVE what we do and love seeing businesses grow. Our services include affordable webdesigns, branding, social media, photography, logo and print layouts, e-commerce and business consultation.