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Welcome Jennifer Reed, CPA

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Jennifer Reed is Wyoming through and through.  A Sheridan native, she graduated from the University of Wyoming with her CPA and returned home to become City Treasurer.  She resigned from this position in 2014 to become a partner in the firm of Green & Reed.  When her partner, Sam Reed, retired 3 years ago, Jennifer acquired the business located on 954 North Main.  She will be moving Downtown later this spring to join Cindy Pilch in their new partnership.  Jennifer strongly supports local businesses with her own purchasing power  and puts a good grocery store high on her wish list for North Main. 

Pilch & Reed – Certified Public Accountants
Jennifer M Reed, CPA
P: 307-674-7310
PO Box 3055, 41 E Burkitt St
Sheridan, WY 

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